Points to Note about Metal Carport Roofs

One of the main reasons for the popularity of metal carports is their strong steel roofing. Metal roofed carports also have a neat, modern look. Some important points to note about metal carport roofs:

  • Metal carport roofs come in various designs: rounded corner with horizontal roof panels, A-frame with boxed eaves and horizontal panels, and A-frame with boxed eaves and vertical panels.
  • Gable roofs are attractive and available on single, double and triple carports.
  • Build up of snow and debris is less likely on strong vertical roofs.
  • Metal roofs are highly durable and resistant to fire, rot, mold and insects. They can also endure harsh weather conditions. Maximum durability can be ensured by installing them according to industry standards. Insulated roofs disperse condensation and can withstand changes in temperature.
  • Metal carport roofs can be upgraded for heavier roof weight loads of snow and water fall.
  • If your carport is a lean-to, install metal flashing for leak-proof joints between house wall and carport roof.
  • Metal carports come in various colors for roof and trim.

Installing the roof on a metal carport requires careful planning and the right tools. It is best to rely on professional help.

The Right Roof for Your Car Port

Carport Roof Styles

The basic objective of a car port is to offer your car affordable and effective protection against exposure to sunlight, rain and snow. Unlike a garage which is enclosed, a carport is simply a roof supported by beams and firmly grounded poles. It is therefore the roof that determines its strength and character.

The most common style is the flat or sloping roof attached to a residence. In snow country, a flat roof must have a strong construction or it may sag in the middle under the weight of the snow load. Whether you have a free-standing structure or one that is attached to your home, make sure that the roof is strong, visually appealing and blends with the design and style of your house.

If your car port is a free-standing unit, roof styles you can choose from include regular, A-frame and vertical. The regular roof is a barn style option with horizontal roof panels and rounded corners. You can add on horizontal side panels if you want to. Another option is the A-frame with boxed eaves and horizontal roof panels. The overhanging eves ensure that your vehicle is safe from nature’s elements. The vertical A-frame has roof panels that run vertically. A-frame roofs are ideal in areas with heavy snow fall as their slope ensures that snow slides off easily.

Roof size, height, width and color can be customized. Reliable steel car port roofs come with strong14-gauge steel tubular framing and side wall heights that go up to 12 feet. The roof pitch depends on the width of your car cover and could be between 2 and 4 feet.

The best way to custom build your car port is to sketch in a few designs on a photo of your house and property. Choose the one that blends with your environment and best meets your requirements.

Picking the Right Roof for Your Carport

A carport is a great way to keep your vehicles or any other prized possessions safe and secure.  One essential part of any carport is the roof.  At Carport Empire, we work with you in order to ensure that your carport gets the roof that matches the particular needs of the space you need to enclose. To help you learn the different options involved in carport roofing, let’s take a look at some of the basics.

One of the first things your Carport Empire reps will consider when determining the overall look of your carport roof is the style of the house that sits on the property.  In general we find that most homeowners prefer their carport roof resemble the one on their home.  This is especially true for those carports that happen to be in close proximity to the home itself.  Other factors include things that have to do with the geographical area you live in and more in particularly the weather patterns that may affect you as a result.  Do you live in an area where there is a lot of snow during the winter?  Then you’ll want a carport roof that can handle the weight associated with that.  So we may recommend a peaked roof as opposed to a flat roof so that snow does not accumulate and weigh down your carport roof.

That is just one example of how we can help you with your carport roof.  As with our entire relationship with our clients, Carport Empire will make sure to assist you and clearly lay out your options.  After you decide on the proper roof, don’t forget – we offer attractive financing rates and except all major credit cards as well.