Steel Storage Structure Buildings

Is the barn or shed on your property on its last legs?  If so, they you are probably left searching for another option because you still need something to store your valuable items in.  Have you considered steel structured storage buildings?  These storage buildings are very sturdy and will give a modern upgrade to your property as well.  The best part of steel storage buildings are the benefits they give you from a durability perspective.  What do we mean by this?  These storage buildings are engineered to deal with all kinds of weather issues.  Have you ever had to spend a prolonged period of time in your barn or shed in the dead of summer?  If so, then you know first hand how hot it can get.  More conventional storage buildings offer a more neutral temperature and also stand up well to elements such as rain, wind, and snow.

You can literally order storage buildings of any color and style and have them specifically engineered to whatever you may need to have included in it.  Storage buildings can also give your property resale value as a which home and business owners are always on a pursuit to add on to their property.  One of these storage buildings are also better to have from a safety perspective.  Think about how much you were at risk standing under that old, wooden, and creeky barn or shed.  It is crazy when you think about the unnecessary risks we take when they can easily be resolved.

Metal Horse Barns

If you are a farmer who raises livestock then you know full well the importance of your livestock being in an environment that is comfortable for them.  This is why more and more farmers are building steel barns to house their animals.  It is important to the overall health of any animal to be in a cool environment at all time and a steel barn bought and installed by Carport Empire will draw enough heat to where your animals can live in a nice cool environment.  These barns are gaining popularity for other reasons other than the temperature advantages they supply.

When we buy anything these days safety is typically our number one concern.  The same goes for the environment we house our livestock in.  The safety benefits of metal barns compared to wood barns are numerous to say the least.  Common sense would tell us that a metal structure can stand up to the elements better than any wood one could.  If a wood structure has a couple of weak boards within it, it can really put the safety of the livestock you have at serious risk.  Outside of protecting your animals, you can also keep everything more secure in a metal barn as opposed to a wood one.  A steel structure is a lot harder to break into then an old wooden barn and any break-in can lead to disastrous circumstances for you and your animals.

The safety aspect of metal barns cannot be understated.  We will work with you to establish the dimensions and overall size that will fit your property the best.  When talking to our reps about your metal barn, be sure to ask about our special financing packages for our loyal customers!

34 uses for Steel Structures and Steel Buildings

Thirty-four uses for steel structures from Carport Empire:

1. Protect vehicles from damaging elements. 2.A shady place to wash and wax the car. 3. Convenient spot for grilling hot dogs in the rain. 4. Outdoor play space for children when it’s raining.

RV Carports
5. Protect expensive motorhomes from harsh elements, preserving fiberglass and rubber parts. 6. Protect large pieces of farm or property equipment.

Steel Garages
7. Keep your prized antique cars in a safe place. 8. A great place to work on cars and trucks, with all of your tools handy. 9. Permanent home for your motorcycle and ATV. 10. Central location for all of your lawn and garden equipment.

Lean-to Building
11. Storage for everything, including chopped wood for the fireplace. 12. Safe place for your racing bicycle. Horse Barn 13. Home for horses. 14. Home for cows. 15. Home for donkeys. 16. Feed storage for horses, cows, and donkeys. 17. Storage space for horse tack. 18. Storage space for carriages and wagons.

Utility Carport
19. Place to keep the boat on a trailer. 20. Place to keep the truck which pulls the boat on a trailer.

21. Storage space for farm and property equipment. 22. Storage space for crop seeds. 23. Storage space for feed for farm animals.

Steel Buildings
24. Great place for the farm or property office. 25. Permanent, handy storage for all types of valuables. 26. Small manufacturing buildings. 27. Storage space for everything you don’t have room for in your home, including your late uncle’s lifelong collection of National Geographic magazines.

Soft Top Canopies
28. Decorative canopies for use at weddings, parties, family reunions, outdoor events. 29. Airplane hangars. 30. Helicopter hangars. 31. Portable covers for earth-moving and other heavy equipment on construction sites. 32. Large equipment storage on remote sites which need a temporary cover. 33. Flexible canopies for parking cars, trucks, motorhomes, boats, and all other types of vehicles. 34. Temporary, movable covers for use at sporting events, fairs, tournaments, and other outdoor venues.

What’s your choice for uses of a Carport Empire steel carport or building or soft top canopy? Let your imagination soar to help you determine how a steel carport or building can protect your valuable assets, add value to your property, and provide, durable, long time protection.

Risk management benefits – know the value of steel building and structures

If the Three Little Pigs would have had a Carport Empire steel building, they never would have had the risk management problem they had with the Big Bad Wolf. Risk management professionals everywhere (the folks we used to call our insurance agents) know the value of steel building and structures when it comes to standing up to the elements, pests, and freak accidents. Even the laziest and least motivated termite will break a tooth or two trying to turn a steel building into a buffet dinner, and decide the selection is better elsewhere.

Then, there is the question of fire. Mrs. O’Leary’s cow may have started the Great Chicago Fire, but she was in a wooden building, not a steel building. Often, outbuildings are left unattended for lengthy periods, sometimes days at a time. A smouldering fire in a wooden building is a complete loss waiting to happen; in a Carport Empire steel building, there is simply nothing to burn, and losses are greatly limited.

When your annual insurance costs are being calculated, the high benefits of a steel building become even more apparent through better ratings and lower costs.

Carport Empire steel buildings are manufactured with the best available materials, designed to withstand the onslaught of the elements. Wind, rain, snow, hail, blazing sun – whatever Mother Nature can devise, steel buildings are designed to resist damage and keep standing while protecting your valuable possessions.

For that added layer of protection, steel buildings can be rigged for security alarms for protection from theft, and for the benefit of smoke and fire detectors for content. All of these benefits come with the standard guarantee from Carport Empire against rust and corrosion, and the durability of every structure. All of this, too, and a choice of colors for materials to make your steel structures pleasing to the eye.

Carport Empire’s zero-down financing program helps you quickly obtain the best steel building for your purposes, plus the “buy now” program, with a wide inventory of standard steel buildings offers you instant solutions for nearly every need. Custom design buildings are always available. Carport Empire accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit and charge cards, and free shipping and installation is available for all Lower 48 states.